Home Theater in a Luxury Home

Home Theater Design, Sales and Installation

Our systems feature current technologies that bring movies, music and sports to life. From a remote control to a high-end projector all products we sell and install have a proven track record in reliability, performance and value. We look forward to working with you and your contractor to design a media system that is based on your lifestyle and budget.

Let our knowledge, experience, and creativity work for you.

Home theater Room with Projector and While Couches

The Design of Your Home Theater

Many design aspects must be taken into account when designing a pleasurable media room/ home theater At AVA we consider all details including size, shape, lighting, colors, furniture, wall and flooring materials.


JVC and Sony

Projectors are the natural choice when it comes to home theaters. They provide the largest possible image and similar video characteristics to the big silver screen. Choosing the correct projector for a home theater is usually the most important equipment decision to be made.

Sony 3D Home Theater Projector


Dragonfly and DaLite

Screen surfaces. There are many different screen surfaces available with different gains and acceptable viewing angles.  Gain levels typically range from 0.8 to 2.8 (matte white having a gain of 1.0). Surfaces can range from gray to white to silver and glass beaded. While providing a “brighter” image there are trade offs associated with hi gain screens including “hot-spots” and limited viewing angle.

A/V Receivers, processors and amplifiers:

Yamaha, Marantz, Denon, Musical Fidelity, AudioControl

A/V receiver (or separate Preamp/Processor and Amplifier) is the heart of your audio system.  A receiver is composed of AM/FM tuner, preamp, Dolby processor, video switches and a power amplifier. Receivers are responsible for converting low level analog and digital audio signals into a high level analog signal capable of driving speakers.


Orgin Acoustics, Boston Acoustics, Definitive Technologies, Episode

Speakers come in a variety of packages including floor standing, bookshelf, wall mounted and flush/in-wall mount. With the exception of large floor standing speakers, most systems require a separate subwoofer. Subwoofers are used to reproduce the extended low frequencies that provide solid “thump” and rumbling effects. For the most part the sound will only be as good as the speakers chosen.

Control Single remote to control your audio, video and lighting equipment.  At AVA we offer many varieties of remotes that we custom program to your specific needs and requirements.

LED TV’s, flat panels are an excellent choice for brightly lit rooms where natural light sources are present and are available up to 90”.